Gordon And Joe May 3rd, 2014. San Ramon, CA



The ceremony will begin at 6pm on Saturday, May 3rd, 2014. Reception and Dinner will follow.


Why here

Picking a location was natural for us.   The San Ramon Golf Club was the site of Bernie and Carol Heally’s 50th Wedding anniversary, which was the first major event with Gordon’s and Joe’s parents celebrating together (following 2 Christmas’ together) .  This is where Heally-Bellamy happens.


Our celebrant performing the ceremony will be Steve Vaught, who we met July 3rd, 1998, also at the Café and has been a cherished part of our lives ever since.

Wedding Party

We have a wedding party of 8 amazing people from all facets of our lives.

  • Steve Russell (Best Man)
  • Nick Raymond (Best Man)
  • Richard Leonard
  • Nichol Bradford
  • Ted Huffmire
  • Steve Haynes
  • Julie Heally
  • Bernard Heally

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