Gordon And Joe May 3rd, 2014. San Ramon, CA

Our Story


Day we met each other


We met on Sunday, February 8th, 1998 at The Café.  We will certainly retell the tale in great detail at the wedding. But long story medium, Joe was out with his friend Jeff Fish, Gordon was with Ted Huffmire , we met, we talked, we kissed, we danced , we went home and so our life together began.

February 8th

Our first song

Our first song, technically is Aqua’s Barbie Girl, that’s what was playing when Gordon asked Joe if he was a dancer. . .but that is not our song … after our first kiss in the nook at Subway, we returned to the club. We danced to Janet Jackson’s Together Again, all we could see was each other,  that is our first song.

February 8th

Our first trip


Gordon played soccer for the gay team, the San Francisco Spikes, in 1998.  Joe would trek to Marin County to watch his glorious substitute performances or just be with Gordon on the bench.   Our first trip was to Atlanta for a gay soccer tournament and then they went to Orlando, to Disneyland and Universal Studios Orlando.

June 2nd

Our first home

OurfirsthomePNGWhen we met Gordon moved into Joe’s home in Southern Hills, Daly City. After two years, we moved down to LA in search of loft living, and found our way to the San Fernando Valley. After one year in Valley Village, we searched for our home. One day after much searching Joe found it and called Gordon. We won the bidding war and bought 16101 Calahan Street, North Hills, CA, 91343. Here we have lived for over a decade and raised our two amazing doggies, Cyber Jasper and Cooper Jacob Heally-Bellamy.

March 30th

Cyber Jasper Heally-Bellamy joined the family

Cyber)Our first puppy joined us from Pooch Heaven. We named him Cyber because we found him on the internet. The name Jasper came from our friend Andrew Klayman. Jasper is a gem of many colors.

May 18th

Cooper Jacob Heally-Bellamy joined the family

CooperCooper Jacob joined us from Pet Orphans. Gordon always knew that his dog would be crying for freedom. At the rescue, Cooper was quick to explain that through a clerical error, he was in a cage and not home with us. We quickly fixed the error and he came home.

May 4th

Our engagement

Gordon and Joe portraitRomantic notion as it was, we always figured we would just know, when the “right time” to propose was. And if it didn’t happen it didn’t happen. Year 1, year 2, year 3…. And so it went, and then Gordon was driving in his car. . . in 2008! Ten years in love and he heard a radio promotion for the Janet Jackson tour coming to Staples Center. Never has anything been clearer to him than he was meant to propose to Joseph Heally, during “their song” live at the Staples Center. Thanks to Cody Alexander, Mike Clune and all of our inner circle, September 17th, 2008 we became engaged to be married.

September 17th

Our wedding

We celebrate with our friends and family in San Ramon, California.

May 3rd

Colby Janet Heally-Bellamy joined the family

Colby Janet text

November 8th